DECEMBER 15 2012

Today we honor the important
of family and friendship.
Come in for a free cup o' joe or
some soothing hot chocolate.

DECEMBER 14 2012

We send our love out to the families who lost loved ones in the Conn. shooting yesterday. We are hosting a mourning ceremony tonight at the Shoppe. We will open doors after hours at 7 on through 10 at night. Join us to send some much needed love and good energy to the broken hearted. Bring candles.

DECEMBER 13 2012

Sometimes food isn't necessarily the answer. No, no. Sometimes, it's as simple as liquid. That's right. Today's liquid remedy is hot cocoa, a la submarino style. Join us from noon to 1 pm for a hands on lesson on how to make this delicious treat, better than just ordiary hot chocolate. Bring your own mug!

DECEMBER 11 2012

Come in today for
30% off all cookies! Just say
the magic phrase:
"I'm am feeling fat and sassy!"


Special! If you come in today
you get a hug from
our friend JJ Lopez!


Today we tried something new. We were wondering what would best suit this rather nasty weather we've been having, when one of the Pistone sisters thought of the perfect answer. It's a tradition Argentine (and apparently Pistone) dish called Puchero. What is this weirdly named food, you might ask?